Training is an Important Part of Service

To maintain the highest level of service, our personnel are involved in an on-going training program.

There are many subject areas that our members must remain proficient in, including fire suppression, rescue, fire ground operations, hazardous materials, engineering, and Incident Command, to name a few.

We train weekly in order to keep the material fresh in our minds. The location and topics vary, and the format can be classroom style, scenarios, or drills.

If you come to us with no firefighting experience, we will work with you to build up your knowledge and confidence to handle the situations we are called to.

We don’t ask members to do anything they are uncomfortable or incapable of doing, but we do encourage them to think beyond their perceived limits and become the best they can be.

Five new members joined the Shaver Lake Volunteer Fire Department in 2023. Those new members received throughout the year the requisite training necessary for them to respond to medical emergencies, structure fires, motor vehicle accidents and wildland fires. It was critical for those new members to receive the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety while performing their duties to protect and serve the community. The Shaver Lake Volunteer Fire Department received a generous grant in 2023 from the California Fire Foundation to purchase wildland PPE for those 5 new firefighters that joined the Department in 2023. But for that generous donation from the California Fire Foundation, it would not have been possible for those new members to have been available to respond to those wildland fires to which the Shaver Lake Volunteer Fire Department responded in 2023.

We also support our members in off-site training offered by FEMA, CalFire, USFS, and various other agencies, including multi-company drills and other team building training. Give us a call or Email Us to find out the next training date and time, then come on by and see what it’s like.

On-line Training

There are many on-line training options available to everyone. We encourage our members to take any and all of the below offerings, although the ICS-100 and IS-700 are both mandatory for all firefighters.

For most FEMA training you will need a "SID" (Student ID). You can get one instantly here FEMA. Some of their courses uses your SSN as an ID.

FEMA Training

ICS 100 - An Introduction to ICS
An Introduction to Incident Command

IS 700- NIMA an Introduction
National Incident Management System, an Introduction

IS-5.A - Introduction to Hazardous Materials
An Introduction to Hazardous Materials