Chief's Message

The Shaver Lake Volunteer Fire Department is celebrating its 60th year responding in our community to help those in need, to protect neighbors, visitors, friends and colleagues from things that threaten them. I have had a chance to really help, to be a part of an organization that builds trust and friendship among the residents and visitors to Shaver Lake, but also among those over the years that have served the community as First Responders.

What more could one ask of in a career. The best part is the friendship I have found with the men and women that are a part of our volunteer company. Their dedication to helping their community is unusual in today’s extremely busy and competitive world and I am extremely proud to have them as friends. In addition to our team are the professionals and volunteers in all adjacent communities; the volunteers and professionals that we work and train with:

Auberry VFD, Bald Mountain FD, Pine Ridge VFD, Big Creek VFD, Huntington VFD , CalFire, USFS, and American Ambulance. All the men and women involved have the same feeling about community and service. Amazing and wonderful to be a part of a select and dynamic group.

In 2015 it was reported that of the 1,160,450 firefighters in the USA serving in 29,727 companies, 70% or approximately 814,850 are volunteers (NFPA). They serve in stations mostly in rural communities, covering large geographical areas with small populations where distances can be extreme, but response times are critical to the saving of lives and the protection of property. All volunteer companies throughout the country are suffering from a lack of new personnel. Personnel that are ready to train hard; give their time away from family; wake up at all hours; drive long distances in uncomfortable vehicles; and work along side other members of the emergency services community both volunteer and professional. The feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment cannot be described fully in words, but is a part of the "career" I described above.

If you feel able to join us, the men and women of the Shaver Lake Volunteer Fire Department, I promise that the opportunity to serve this great community will be fulfilling and you will have memories of what you have accomplished with your new friends that will last a lifetime.

Chief James Parr
February 2021